La gestion de vos catalogues automatisés

Import your product catalogues in just a few minutes

  • Add your product catalogue in the format of your choice (XML feed, CSV, TXT…) or by installing a module on your CMS (content management system)
  • Choose how often you want to refresh your product catalogue: from only once to several times a day.
  • Receive alerts in case of problems updating your product catalogue.

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Automatic and customized optimisation of your product catalogue

Your product catalogue is reworked in order to comply with best practices and ensure optimal publication on each channel.

  • Title writing
  • Optimisation of product descriptions
  • Automatic addition of size, gender and age specifications when needed
  • Error correction (broken image, encoding, remaining html tags…)
  • or manage your product information manually

A simple categorization of your products on all levers

Feedcast helps you to classify your products within the categories defined for each advertising channel.

  • Choose the desired products and assign them to the relevant category in just a few clicks thanks to our search and selection tool.
  • Classify one or several categories at a time to save you time.

Customize your product catalogues based on the constraints of each advertising channel

  • Create customized feeds to adapt the features of your products to each channel: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.
  • Add labels to your products in order to segment advertising according to your predefined criteria (best sellers, new products, top margins…)

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Develop your international sales

Feedcast integrates a multilingual translation tool for your product feeds.

Translate the feed of your choice into the desired language from more than 9 languages.

Follow-up of your product catalogue status

  • Access your products dashboard
  • Create detailed reports on the status of your product catalogues
  • Create and receive alerts to monitor the status of your products on a daily basis.

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